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Not of This Earth (1957): This Ain’t Roswell, Dude!

Buckle up, space cadets! This ain’t your daddy’s drive-in flick!

Hmph. Think aliens are all flying saucers and little green men? Not of This Earth (remastered and kickin’ in color, baby!) throws a wrench in that whole flying saucer thing. This 1957 B-movie classic from Roger Corman is a low-budget punch to the gut with a sci-fi twist. Think film noir meets Mars Attacks! We’re talkin’ black suits, shades, and a bloodsuckin’ alien with a serious case of the chills.

Paul Blaisdell: lookin’ sharp, drainin’ veins

Picture this: a small California town. Suddenly, folks start turning up drained of blood, paler than a ghost at a rave. Enter Paul Blaisdell. Smooth as silk, lookin’ like a man who stepped outta a fedora ad. He’s an investigator with a nose for trouble and a thirst for justice…well, mostly justice. Turns out, the culprit ain’t some two-bit hoodlum. Nope, it’s a dude from outta this world – literally.

Not Of This Earth (1957) official poster
Not Of This Earth (1957) official poster

This ain’t your typical space opera, dollface!

This alien ain’t got three eyes and a tentacle beard. He looks just like us, except for the hypno-eyes and the whole “needin’ human blood to survive” thing. He cruises around town in a sweet ride (think flying saucer meets convertible) and uses his charm to lure unsuspecting victims. It’s a B-movie monster with a taste for the finer things – and a serious aversion to sunlight. Think Dracula with a spaceship.

Special effects? More like delightfully cheesy goodness!

Okay, let’s be honest. This ain’t no big-budget blockbuster. The effects are about as subtle as a brick to the head. But that’s half the charm! Flying saucers wobble like carnival rides. Hypnotic rays look like sparkly flashlights. But hey, in this flick, cheesy is the new awesome. It’s a B-movie badge of honor, and Not of This Earth wears it with pride.

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So, is Not of This Earth worth your time, space cowboy?

You bet your sweet ass it is! This ain’t high art, but it’s a guaranteed good time. It’s got action, suspense, and enough cheese to fill a spaceship. Plus, the remastered color makes the whole blood-suckin’ thing extra vivid. So, if you’re lookin’ for a wild ride through a classic B-movie with a sci-fi twist, then Not of This Earth is your ticket to outta-this-world entertainment!

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