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The Fisherman (2015)

JAWS meets ALIEN in Hong Kong waters

Mr Wong is a third generation fisherman in Hong Kong, struggling to keep this tradition alive. One night, he decides to leave the crowded waters of the harbor, and fish in calmer waters. His luck changes when he catches something that does not belong to this world.

Sitting at just 19 minutes including the credits I would recommend this to any fan of sci-fi or horror and hope it’s creators go on to big things maybe even a full feature length version of this due to its ending.

Directed by Alejandro Suárez Lozano
Starring Andrew Ng, Ng Kam Cheun, Patrick Yip, Fung Tak Che.

– Best Short film, Marbella Film festival 2017, Spain
– Best SciFi Short, Fright Night Theatre Film Festival 2017, Ontario, Canada
– Best CGI and Best Photography, 2016 South African Horror Fest, South Africa

– Best Short film, Golden Spike, Algeciras Fantastika 2016, Spain

– Honorable Mention, Best VFX and Best Actor (Andrew Ng), Tabloid Witch Awards 2016, Hollywood Investigator, USA

- Best Director, Best Music and 2nd Jury Award 2016, Badajoz Iberian Film Festival, Spain

– 2nd Jury Award 2016, “Kortos con K” Short Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain

– Best Director Award 2016, Kimera International Film Festival, Italy

– Special Mention 2016 Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival, UK

– Best Short Film Award 2016 in The 3rd “Reino de Leon” Film & TV Festival, Spain

– 2nd place Award 2016 at VII “Luis Gonzaga” Short film Contest, Spain

- Best Foreign Short Award 2016 at Horrorant Film Festival “Fright Nights”, Greece

- Best Fantastic Short Film 2016 at “Pielagos en Corto” Film Festival, Spain

– Best Production Design 2016 in Third Culture Film Festival, Hong Kong

- In the Spirit Award 2016 in Magical Charm Film Festival. NY, USA

– Best Long-Form Narrative Short Jury Award 2016 in Nevermore Film Fest. NC, USA

- Best Fiction Short Award 2015 in “Rafal en Corto” Short Film Festival, Spain

– Best “Castilla y Leon” Short Film 2015 in 60th SEMINCI, Valladolid Internacional Film Week. Spain

- Best Photography 2015 in Madrid PNR Film Festival. Spain

– Best Screenplay 2015 in VII ¨Pilas en Corto¨ International Short Film Festival, Seville. Spain

- Best Photography 2015 in VII “Pilas en Corto” International Short Film Festival, Seville. Spain

- Best Fantastic Short Film in 2015 Fangofest, Amposta International Fantastic and Horror Film Festival. Spain

– Best Director to Alejandro Suarez Lozano in 2015 Astorga Film Festival, Spain

- Best National Short Film 2015. Fancine de Lemos, Monforte Fantastic Film Festival. Spain

- Best Short Film 2015. 38 Elche International Film Festival, Spain. Candidate for a nomination for GOYA, Spanish Film Academy Awards

- Jury Special Mention 2015. 19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival BIFAN, South Korea

- Best Spanish Short Film and Jury Special Mention 2015. Nocturna, Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival

– Madrid en Corto Award and Best Image User T38. 17th Madrid Short Film Week 2015. Spain

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