The Gate

2011 | Horror | Short Film

Extreme mutations and junk DNA with the special military forces of the future!

A recent group of extreme mutations leading to death has triggered a parliamentary enquiry which is looking back on the 3 notable cases, their handling and ways to prevent this in the future.

Filming, editing, FX, acting, all top-notch. The idea for the tank suits that the soldiers wear, came from news reports that troops in Afghanistan were inadequately equipped to do their job properly. The Gate is set a few years in the future and suggests that in this time certain specialist troops been given appropriate body protection to deal with IED's, mortar attacks and bomb disposal. Atmosphere is established and maintained tremendously effectively... this is essentially a series of vignettes connected by "what's really going on". The reference to 'redundant gene sequences' is based on real genetic science and is often called 'junk DNA'. This is the term used to describe the 95% of human DNA that appears to perform no particular function. The realism really sells us on what's going on - we accept the handful of sci-fi aspects(all of them quite credible) in this readily, because it's clearly the real world.

Wayfare Entertainment has acquired the rights to produce and finance a feature-length version of the short thriller The Gate from its director Matt Westrup and producer Spencer Friend.

Directed by Matt Westrup. Starring: John Mawson, Robert Rowe, Jonathan Andrews

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