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Selfie from Hell (2015)


Selfie from Hell tells a story of a woman (Meelah Adams) who takes a selfie of herself and notices a man standing in the background. When she turns no one is there but with the next selfie he appears to be even closer.

Selfie from Hell Review:

Selfie from Hell is possibly the best horror movie of 2015. The film is the work of German student Meelah Adams, who is working on her bachelor’s thesis, which is about the effects of viral videos. This film is part of her studies. The film was made in true DIY fashion, with Adams, and her friend, Erdal Ceylan. Shot over three days, and with post-production lasting five, it’s pretty impressive. It was released on August 9, 2015 and broke all short film records with approx. 17 million views. Especially social media sharing helped this short film reach this huge audience. In fact, there’s no doubt that the real number of views is much higher since it’s been shared in several versions across the world wide web. Now Ceylan and Adams are getting the chance to do a feature film version produced by Industry Works Studios.

Cast and Crew

Written and Directed by: Erdal Ceylan
Stars: Meelah Adams, Sascha Hoff


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