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Häxan (1922): Witchcraft Unveiled

A hybrid of documentary and fiction, silent film Häxan explores the history of witchcraft, demonology and satanism.

The striking visuals would in themselves be sufficient reason to watch “Häxan”, but in addition it is a thought-provoking feature that combines dark humor, some occasional chilling moments, and perceptive commentary on human nature. It’s an unusual package and an unusual feature, and there aren’t many films quite like it.

One of the weirdest and most bizarre movies of all time!

More commonly known as “Witchcraft Through the Ages”, this is definitely one of the most bizarre, visually arresting movies of all time, even nearly 80 years later. It starts out as a rather dry documentary, detailing medieval superstitions and folklore while showing ancient woodcarvings of witches and demons in various forms.

>This film gives us a thoughtful look at the horrifying potential of fear, ignorance and superstition. I have to say I admire the courage Benjamin Christensen showed in making this film which not only must have offended the sensibilities of the time for the obvious reasons but also because it dared to champion reason over superstition as a way of explaining things which we do not fully understand. This film resonates with its message that those who judged others unjust may not have been just themselves.

This version is Swedish Film Institute print!

Directed by Benjamin Christensen
Cinematography by Johan Ankerstjerne
Music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, Matti Bye, Art Zoyd, Daniel Humair, Barði Jóhannsson, Launy Grøndahl, Emil Reesen
Starring Benjamin Christensen, Elisabeth Christensen, Maren Pedersen

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