The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (2012)


The Punisher: Dirty Laundry puts Thomas Jane back as Frank Castle. He is just trying to do some laundry when he stumbles onto innocent blood being spilt. The story here is very Punisher-esque, along with the ideals of punishment and justice that Frank speaks of at the end. Nice photography as well with the new Punisher logo!

Amazing FanFilm The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (2012) is A Brilliant Adaptation of a ComicBook Icon

The atmosphere of the short itself is really nicely put together, from the exterior street shots to the dreary interiors. Everything in this short works quite well. Jane and the other performers present (including a small role from Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman) give awesome, evocative performances that hit the material home. Direction by Joanou is very strong and slick for such a small production. It’s a pitty that the score was taken from Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. The script by Chad St. John hits just the right tone, and is suitably claustrophobic and oppressive. The blood and gun effects are pretty lousy. The setting and look is perfect for the script and character.

Cast and Crew:

Directed by Phil Joanou
Starring: Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Sammi Rotibi, Karlin Walker.

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