Wyrm (2017)

Wyrm (2017) Wyrm (2017)

Alternate reality where teens have to pass a Sexuality Requirement to get past puberty!

Wyrm is falling behind. His twin sister, Myrcella, has become a woman after she and the Norwegian foreign exchange student did fingering at the cinemas. She wants Wyrm to move into their dead brother Dylan’s room so she can have privacy and space for her personal items. Wyrm has two days to complete his Level 1 Sexuality Requirement or he’ll be held back as part of the School District’s No Child Left Alone program and forced to continue wearing his My.E.Q. Electronic Emotional Remote Monitoring Collar.

Directed by Christopher Winterbauer.
Starring Reid Miller, Azure Brandi, Skye Popov , Aidan Dorn Wallenstein.

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