FlySpy (2016)

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Everything the fly can see Greg can see!

Kid-sauvant uses his intelligence and builds a spying drone fly. Not to save the planet, but to secretly watch his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend.

FlySpy is one of the first films to experiment with merging 2D viewing with an immersive virtual reality experience. The film was released in two versions: one in the traditional 2D format and the other as a virtual reality film.

At the first sigh, a bizarre love story. In essence , the portrait of that curiosity defining our voyerism- if I see...everything. If I am a minuscule fly, seeing, not beeing saw. The film gives the perfect answer. About a sort of jealousy, about a form of justice and, not the last, about a delicate side of justice. Inspired end, admirable performances.

Won Best Dramatic Short Film at the 2016 Arizona International Film Festival!

Director: Daniel M. Smith Writer: Simon Hewitt Stars: Ophelia Lovibond, Sam Hoare, Lewis Rainer


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