Training Wheels

2022 | Comedy | Short Film | More info on IMDb

Adorable romantic comedy, with a charming, goofy vibe!

Lonely woman is browsing through her available options on a site for "discount elite male companionship." She chooses Ricky Mountain, man who enjoys "working" with introverted or socially inept ladies.

An awkward woman rents a man to practice for her dream guy.

The set-up is there for a traditional rom-com and the movie checks off all the right boxes. Rich is hilarious as Enid. Her reservations about her dating prowess turn out to be entirely correct as even making small talk is difficult for her. Subtle things like the way Enid stands adds to the hopelessness of the character. George Basil is also fantastic in the role of Enid’s instructor Ricky Mountain. His introduction to the audience sets the tempo for what type of character he is. As great as his one liners are, Training Wheels also has heart. Ricky genuinely wants to help Enid out.

Training Wheels is a fun romantic comedy playing at the Sundance Film Festival.

Written and Directed by Alison Rich
Starring George Basil, Jack Cutmore-Scott, Zeke Nicholson, Alison Rich.

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