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Rare Exports Inc. (2003): A Darkly Humorous Christmas Treat

“Rare Exports Inc.” is a Finnish short film directed by Jalmari Helander. It blends dark humor with a unique take on Christmas folklore. In just a few minutes, it delivers a fresh and entertaining twist on the Santa Claus myth.


The Premise

The story revolves around a group of hunters in Finland. But they aren’t hunting reindeer or bears. They are capturing wild Santas. These Santas are far from jolly. They are feral, dangerous, and need to be tamed before being exported worldwide.

Intriguing and Original

The premise is bizarre yet captivating. It hooks you immediately with its originality and dark humor.

The Characters

The hunters, led by a grizzled veteran, are rugged and resourceful. They approach their job with a seriousness that contrasts hilariously with the absurdity of the situation. The characters are well-defined, adding depth to the short film.

Strong Performances

Each actor brings a unique presence to their role. The performances are grounded, making the outlandish premise believable and engaging.

The Humor

“Rare Exports Inc.” excels in its dark humor. The film takes the familiar image of Santa Claus and turns it on its head. The training and taming of the wild Santas are both funny and unsettling.

Clever and Dark

The humor is clever, often toeing the line between comedy and horror. This balance keeps the audience both entertained and on edge.

The Atmosphere

The film’s setting in the snowy wilderness of Finland adds to its unique charm. The stark, cold landscape contrasts with the bizarre events, enhancing the film’s darkly whimsical tone.

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Visually Striking

The cinematography captures the beauty and harshness of the Finnish wilderness. This setting becomes a character in its own right, adding to the film’s distinctiveness.

The Pacing

At just under 10 minutes, the film moves briskly. It wastes no time in setting up its premise and delivering its darkly humorous narrative. The pacing ensures that the audience remains engaged from start to finish.

Tight and Effective

Every scene serves a purpose. The film’s concise storytelling is one of its greatest strengths, packing a lot of entertainment into a short runtime.

The Impact

“Rare Exports Inc.” leaves a lasting impression. Its unique take on a beloved holiday figure is both memorable and thought-provoking. The film’s dark humor and originality make it a standout in the short film genre.

Unforgettable Twist

This film is not easily forgotten. Its inventive approach to Christmas folklore sets it apart from more traditional holiday fare.


“Rare Exports Inc.” is a delightful mix of dark humor and inventive storytelling. Jalmari Helander has created a short film that is both entertaining and unique. With strong performances, striking visuals, and a clever premise, it is a must-watch for fans of offbeat holiday films. This short film proves that even the most familiar stories can be given new life with a little creativity and a lot of imagination.

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