Peanut Butter Lips (2011)

It’s a boy making different sandwiches for a girl so that she’ll give him a kiss. It’s a simple idea but one of those ones that just works, particularly in a nice and quick short like this, It looks pretty good, I’m not a fan of the editing in places, like the placing of the eggs being done like a stop motion style, for me it looks a little more like a music video or something like that, but perhaps that’s just personal opinion. The music works really well, just a simple upbeat musical track, it just matches the pace of the film and kind of matches/sets the tone as well. Overall a solid short film, that at 2 minutes is one of those that you might as well just watch, not the best short short that I’ve seen but it is still good. – Dale Barber on

Awards: Competition: Best Film, Virgin TiVo, Comedy Shorts: Official Selection and Rotoreliefs: Official Selection. Fingercuff Productions is a British film production company specialising in short films and corporate promos. Their work has been broadcast on numerous channels such as MTV, ITV, Channel AKA, Propeller TV, Channel 4, screened at BAFTA and also shown at film festivals around the world. The company was founded in 2000 by filmmakers James Webber and Jamie Hooper.

Directed by Jamie Hooper. Starring: Mia Baker, Arne Cunningham

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