The Naughty List (2016)

The Naughty List (2016) – A wicked black comedy short film

Santa Clause and Christmas Eve always fills up with positive expectations and bring smile on everybody’s face. Unless you’re adult mobster hiding out with his partner-in-crime in a secluded cabin. In that case, meeting up with Santa can be something else, especially if you mix paranoia and bad karma with the overall experience.

On Christmas Eve, two American mobsters come face to face with Santa Claus, and discover what it really takes to get on the Naughty or Nice list.

The Naughty List (2016) – Cast and Crew:

Director: Paul Campion
Writers: Paul Campion (screenplay), Brian Keene (original short story)
Stars: Vincenzo Nicoli, Sebastian Knapp, Mac Elsey

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