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Kubrick By Candlelight (2017)

Multi Award Winning romantic comedy set behind the scenes of Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon!

Stanley Kubrick is probably the best director of all time. Methodical, focused and visionary director was not everybody’s cup of tea, especially on his sets. The Guinness World Records recognized his last film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ as the longest constant movie shoot that ran for over 15 months, a period that included an unbroken shoot of 46 weeks. His artistic vision is fully realized in “Barry Lyndon” which endures as one of the most gorgeously styled and shot period films of all time. Kubrick insisted on shooting Barry Lyndon primarily with candlelight. David O’Reilly makes a romantic comedy set behind the scenes of Barry Lyndon.

This is truly a hommage to great visionary director with more than 90 references to Stanley Kubrick in 18 minutes of total film lenght! Kudos Mr O’Reilly.

Written and Directed by: David O’Reilly
Starring: Mark Lawrence, Alan Curran and Brian Cox

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