Captain T&T (2013)

Captain T&T (2013)


Captain T&T is set in tropical land of Trinidad and Tobago, where a six-year-old dreams of being a superhero.

Captain T&T (2013) Cast and Crew:

Written and Directed by Christopher Guinness
Starring Wayne Burgess II, Blair Ambrosia Cameron, Rizario St Cyr

Best Short Film Extra-large Selection – 2014 Dieciminuti Film Festival Italy
Official Selection Comic Con International Film Festival
Official Selection World Cinema Amsterdam
Official Selection Synaesthesia Film Festival
Official Selection Prokuplje Short Film Festival.
Official Selection Zone 180
Official Selection Aruba Film Festival
Official Selection Caribbean Tales Film Festival
Official Selection 2013 Caribbean Film Corner
Official Selection Caribbean Short Film Night
Official Selection Tampere Film Festival Finland
Official Selection Warsaw Short Framing
2014 CAF Gold ADDY Award: Cinematography
2014 CAF Gold ADDY Award: Public Service
2014 CAF ADDY Award: Judges Choice for Public Service
2014 AAF District 4 Gold ADDY Awards Cinematography
2014 AAF District 4 Gold ADDY Award:: Public Service
2014 American Advertising Awards Gold ADDY Award: Visual Element

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