Bedhead (1991) – Robert Rodriguez’s First Film

Rebecca, a young girl, is always picked on by her older brother, David, who has the worst case of bedhead you’ve ever seen.

Bedhead is a 1991 short family-comedy-fantasy film directed and co-written by Robert Rodriguez. Made while he was a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Rodriguez shot the film with his brothers and sisters as actors and with his family and friends as crew. It was entered into several competitive film festivals, where it won cash prizes that Rodriguez then used to help produce his first feature film, El Mariachi.

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Screenplay: Robert Rodriguez, Bryant Delafosse, from a story by Robert Rodriguez.
Cinematography and Editing: Robert Rodriguez
Music: Todd Fast, Robert Rodriguez
Animation: Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth Avellán
Sound Effects: Robert Rodriguez, Sharon Courtney, Bryant Delafosse,
Cast: Rebecca Rodriguez (Rebecca), David Rodriguez (David), Tina Rodriguez (The Fashion Monster, as Maricarmen Rodriguez), Elizabeth Rodriguez (The Nurse).

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