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Hair Love (2019)

Sweet animated short film!

A black girl has dreams of all sorts of wonderful hair styles for herself…but her hair is a huge and unruly mess. Her father has no idea how to style the hair…and fails miserably.

Matthew Cherry’s book, “Hair Love” is a very sweet story. So sweet that a Kickstarter campaign was organized to turn the children’s book into a short film. Amazingly, they were able to get the services of Sony Pictures…. hence the gorgeous animation in the short. Everything about this project the animation the subject is just a complete work of love that all children of color should see read and pass on to their own children.

>Amazing short film! It was cool to see a dad doing a black girls hair! Usually the mom is doing the hair and in most films the children are white. I loved how it showed natural black girl hair and the difficulties with it. Highly recommend!

Directed by: Matthew A. Cherry, Everett Downing Jr., Bruce W. Smith

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