TIE Fighter

2015 | Animation | Science Fiction | Short Film | More info on IMDb

Most epic fan film ever created, pure awesomeness!

A short Star Wars animation, focused on the Empire, drawn and shaded in the style of classic '80s anime. Empire and rebel forces engage in a frantic all-or-nothing dogfight in space, but the Empire has 3 Tie Fighter aces up its sleeve.

Combining incredible animation and a score that will get your blood pumping, this 7-minute video will make you want to sign up for the Imperial Navy.

Heavily inspired by the TIE Fighter video game (probably still the best space flight-sim to this day), no shortcuts are taken on the animation when to comes to rapidly changing camera angles and sleek design. In ways it reminds of the "Call of the Primitives" episode of the original Transformers, but it also has a strong hint of anime (more Akira than Ghost in the Shell).

Directed by: Paul Johnson

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