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Elephant’s Dream (2006)

Emo and Proog are on a journey in the folds of a giant Machine, exploring the twisted and dark complex of wires, gears and cogs, until one moment a conflict arises that throws out all their assumptions.

Elephants Dream (code-named Orange and originally titled Machina) is a 2006 English-language and Dutch-produced 3D CGI animated science fiction 9-minute short film that was produced almost completely using the free software 3D suite Blender (except for the modular sound studio Reaktor and the cluster that rendered the final production which ran Mac OS X). It premiered on 24 March 2006 after about 8 months of work. It was developed under the name Orange by a team of seven artists and animators from around the world. It was later renamed Machina and then to Elephants Dream, referring to a Dutch tradition used by parents to abruptly end children’s bedtime stories with the introduction of a sneezing elephant.

Elephants Dream received the award for Best Short Film at the first European 3D Film Festival.

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