BURN OUT (2017)

Space mechanic crashes on a desolate planet

Stella, a space mechanician, has broken down and ended on a desert planet. While she is in despair, a little girl appears out of nowhere. Following the child into a tunnel, in the depths of the planet, she discovers a big cave full of objects that belonged to her, reminding her the dreams she has left behind.

Réalisateur/Director :
Cécile CARRE

Sélections :
– Spark Animation (Canada, Vancouver) : Runner Up – Student Film Award
– Guelph film festival (Ontario, Canada)
– Festival international Paris Court Devant – 13ème édition (France, Paris)
– Epic ACG Fest (USA, Albany)
– Aniwow (Chine, Pékin), The Jingood Best Character Animation in Short Animation award