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Big Buck Bunny (2008)


Short film Big Buck Bunny begins with Buck Bunny awakening in his rabbit hole. Inexplicably, there are three adorable little critters that begin annoying Buck–throwing stuff at him and ripping the wings off butterflies simply because Buck likes butterflies! These guys are serious jerks and you just hope that Buck will kick their butts. When he does react, the cute but evil critters get much more than they anticipated! Overall, a wonderfully rendered and breathtaking Dutch film that can be enjoyed by anyone since it has no dialog.

Short film Big Buck Bunny (2008) – Open Community Movie Comparable With Pixar’s Very Best Films

Truly a very good all out effort to incorporate the open-source (or better: open-movie) community with Hollywood CGI standards. Qualitywise characters, environments and storyline are comparable with the best short-movies Pixar has made. You gotta see this one!

Blender Foundation clearly found a way to produce quality shorts in a very different way than the Pixars and Dreamworks produce theirs: with a coreteam of seven, their work supported by hundreds, maybe thousands of artists all over the world who make props, backgrounds etc. and submit them through the net.

Directed by Sacha Goedegebure.

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