Abstract: The Art of Design - Christoph Niemann Illustration

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A very educational and a very inspirational Netflix documentary!

Episode 1 profiles Christoph Niemann, an illustrator and his work with abstraction and interactivity from various mediums such as the New Yorker to Instagram. A very good work from director Morgan Neville, about a very good "Visual Story Teller" Christop Niemann. The form and the style of the documentary is kind of the best ilustration of Christop. (For tv docu) 10 out of 10 to director. And I am very happy that i just have got the info about movie's main character Christop.

Really enjoyed getting to see Christop's work and additionally was just so mesmerized by the drawings and the stories he told about how some of the drawings came to be and what else was going on in the world at the same time. Excellent production of a fascinating (and fun!) subject.

Directed by: Morgan Neville Starring: Christoph Niemann, Tom Selleck, Lisa Zeitz


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