The Sailor

2021 | Documentary | Feature | More info on IMDb

Beautifully filmed documentary for those who yearns for the sea and a stiff wind!

Veteran sailor traversed the entire planet throughout his lifetime. He adored, indulged and lived recklessly, never truly inhabiting a land. He is now 80 years old. He imbibes a liter of vodka every day and contemplates his existence, his demise. What is the ultimate goal of such a journey?

Paul Johnson really was a legend in Caribbean sailing circles. He would show up at the St Thomas Yacht Club and crew in races. He contributed to the Virgin Islands becoming a hub of world class racing in the 70s

This is probably the most poignant, beautiful film I've ever seen. His being overwhelmed by the arrival of a big box store was possibly one of the greatest points of the film. I'm 72 now. I can only wish I'd had the stones to live my life on my own terms, as Paul did!

Written and Directed by: Lucia Kasová Starring:Christian Bernier, Silke Carstensen, Paul Erling Johnson


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