Quentin Tarantino - 20 Years Of Film Making (2012)


A deep look at Quentin Tarantino's career from the beginning, with interviews from co-workers, critics, stars and master filmmakers alike as well as a tribute to his greatest collaborator, Sally Menke.

His vision has never wavered, it really hasn't. He's made the movies that he has wanted to make all his career and you know what? he doesn't churn out a movie every three months. He crafts them, protects them, he nurtures them, he takes heat for them and he defends them. I love the fact that he has never sold out. He really loves what he does and that he protects his movies and the stories that he tells they're controversial, they're raw and the they're visceral and they're violent

Stars: Rosanna Arquette, Lawrence Bender, Robert Forster

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