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Sort (No Man’s Land) (2014)

Sort (No Man’s Land) (2014) – The Horrors of World War I

Sort (No Man’s Land) (2014) – The CG animated film is set during World War I in 1916, and the story centers on two Danish soldiers in the German army. One of the soldiers has a burnt, deformed face, and the two are stranded in a bomb shelter on the Western Front. From a historical view the soldiers were starving towards the end of the World War I, as Germany was struggling to keep up supply of their troops. The horrors of war and chronic starving often causing soldiers to look like skeletons in uniforms.They are struggling to survive the constant bombardment of the enemy attacking from the outside. The two characters also have their own struggles within the shelter to overcome as well. Sort (No Mans Land) is a very powerful short that comes from director David Adler.

With his short film Sort (a.k.a. No Man’s Land), animator David Adler attempts to artistically illustrate the trials of war and life. If it all sounds a bit heady or pretentious, just watch the opening scene and let it tear up your brain. The hyper-stylized sequence harnesses the same energy found in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, with red-hot bullets tearing through soldiers and explosions blowing them apart.

Directed by David Adler

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