Project Arbiter (2014)

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  1. Thousands of feet above Northern Europe a small plane carries a skeleton crew of the Allies best, including special operative captain Joseph Colburn. His handler, major Thomas Hardy does a final review of the mission's grim intel: infiltrate a mysterious villa on the Polish border and uncover its secrets. Colburn emerges donning a prototype suit, which can temporarily render its user invisible. As the plane's bay doors howl open Colburn begins to put on the skull-faced helmet when the plane is rocked by an anti-aircraft shell. Rapidly losing air pressure and altitude, now there's no question... This is a one-way mission.

I love retro-futurism. Like Hellboy and a slew of Steampunk related movies, merging current day (or future) technology with the resources available in times past creates fascinating alternative-reality story lines. These types of films don't have many limitations so long as the baseline historical context (in this case WWII) remains intact. Sure, it requires a deeper suspension of disbelief, but if one achieves that, a good story of this kind can be just as interesting as movies projecting from current day technology into the opposite direction (into the future). You know, like Blade Runner or Star Trek in their time. Excellent cinematography, acting, plot and use of CGI.

Directed by Michael Chance. Starring: Alexis Cassar, Jake Lyall, Tim Coyne


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