U.F.Oh Yeah (2015)

Creative, Witty and Comical

Ned Deedry, a conspiracy theorist and Extra-Terrestrial enthusiast, had always dreamed of making contact with other-worldly visitors. But, when that day finally arrived, things don’t play out the way he’d hoped.

I’ve been watching Film Riot since 2009 and it is a joy to see U.FOh Yeah showcase as amongst their best work. The storytelling and cinematography are well crafted and Josh’s performance was stellar. Moreover, the lighting and sound were exceptional and the VFX was spot on. Watching a dynamic film within the indie short genre makes me happy to see what talent, dedication and hard work can do. The indie world is giving the studios a run for their money and I see it as a wonderful time to be a filmmaker.

Written and Directed by Ryan Connolly
Star: Josh Connolly

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