Stevie’s Aliens (2018)

A really nice, character-driven film with great production quality!

A skeptical high school student sees what he believes is a UFO, and goes on a journey with an odd new friend to summon it again.

What an amazing film! You can really tell how much thought went into the direction through the subtle references to the sci-fi films that have preceded it. That scene where he encounters the UFO is insane. Can’t believe that was made on a student film budget! I think my biggest takeaway that really sets this film apart from a typical student filmmaker alluding at their love for Spielberg, is the representation of POC. POC are practically non exist in the sci-fi genre/genre films in general and it’s so refreshing to see a young filmmaker changing this. Someone should get this guy in touch with Jordan Peele!

Budget: $10,000
Written & Directed by: Austin S. Harris
Starring: Ian Bouillion, Devin Mojica, Aleah Quinones

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