Loom (2012)

Loom (2012) – Food production in a dystopian high tech future

Loom (2013) – In a near dystopian high tech future, where everything is sterilized and many feel completely detached, a loyal chief technician in one of the plants, where meat is grown for food from protein strains, decides to grow something else. The main character is a technician in the meat/protein growth industry. He controls the produce quality, growth rate and maturity. The breeding chambers, where animal proteins are matured regularly fail. It’s a delicate process, which requires a certain growth hormone to work effectively. Apparently that is a very valuable substance and our protagonist made his own experiments with it.

An ephemeral commentary on the future of biotechnology and dehumanization in the technocorporacy of the future. Made to showcase the new 4K camera technology, Loom is a bleak, dystopian piece of science fiction. RED initially presented Loom at the 2012 NAB Show on April 2012 and recently President Jarred Land released it online via Reduser, the company’s forum.

There is something disturbing about “Loom” from its very onset. Everything in the environment seems created to facilitate human life and work. Yet, much like in Brazil, nothing really seems to work. Lights are blinding rather than enlightening, Chairs are empty and always in the way. Everything is cold and robotic, even when it’s bathed in warm color. I read certain influence of Japanese or Korean Movies and Manga into Loom. It seems like Loom displays a universe where people are always either crammed together (at work) or lonely (in their free time). Being human seem to be superfluous for anything except work. And work is all about making protein to feed the society. – eljefemartin

Directed by Luke Scott. Starring: Gino Aquino, Evelyn Edwards, Giovanni Ribisi, Cosme Espinoza III, Kimi Evans.

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