Burden (2009)

Short Film Burden Deals With An Alien Invasion

Although direct order was given to immediately evacuate Earth on the eve of an Alien invasion, a lone “Hero” named Calik must decide between his sworn duty to flee, or defy his instructions, and battle the imminent threat and attempt to save our world.

Michael Lynch grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan and moved to Illinois and attended Columbia College of Chicago film school. Where the institution’s eclectic, urban environment inspired the creation of “Burden”, filmed on the same downtown Chicago locations as seen in Hollywood blockbusters The Dark Knight, Road to Perdition, and Public Enemies. Over 350 extras and 120 crew members were used during the climactic alien attack. Upon graduation he moved to Los Angeles with his wife Kristine Lynch to continue his love of filmmaking. He has had the privilege of collaborating with tons of filmmakers preforming various roles: Director, Cinematographer, Producer and Editor.

Directed by Michael David Lynch
Starring: Grant Weiss

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