The Fox Of Bloody Women Island (2014)

The Fox Of Bloody Women Island (2014) – Women fishing with their underwear

This source of curiosity took us to Nordland – a mystical Viking land of changing light, deep fjords and mountainous archipelagos. We arrived in the small town of Kjerringøy, where had we heard there was a man who built traditional boats. His name was Ulf, his house had the red trim around it, and he’ll meet us at the end of the drive in the freezing rain. This was all we knew. Could this mans belief in his work and connection to his environment be the root of his happiness? Shot entirely during the twilight hours of Norway’s northern Arctic, this is his story. Kjerringøy is a small community nestled in the Arctic Circle between steep Norwegian cliffs and by a sea inlet teeming with boats—a memento of the Vikings’ heyday. The town is also known as “bloody women island”: a name, says Ulf Mikalsen, the Norwegian boat builder profiled in the short The Fox of the Bloody Woman Island, that is “linked to how women waved off the men leaving for winter fishing with their underwear.”

Directed by Vern Cummins and Jamie Gallant.
With Bjorn Greve Alsos, Ingvild Greve Alsos, Ulf Mikalsen