Queen Elizabeth II: Above All Else (2022)

Take a look back at the incredible and incomparable life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II. Reigning monarch for over six decades, and the cornerstone of modern British history. Ascending to the throne after the untimely death of her beloved father, King George VI, she has seen the world change drastically, and faced a number of great challenges, both publicly and privately. Her inscrutable commitment to duty, above all else, has defined her lifetime of service to the throne.

>They say, she was not born to be the Queen, but sometimes destiny choses you and Queen Elizabeth II did her part! She lived a remarkable life! Met millions of people in her lifetime from all walks of life, traveled to every continent of the world, raised a family, saw her bloodline grow, live through 15 Prime Ministers, served the Monarchy the longest. The name Elizabeth is a name to behold as her predecessor Elizabeth I.

Written and Directed by Amber Rondel
Starring Tony Blair, King Charles III, Queen Elizabeth II

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