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Master of Deception: Michael Jackson and Wade Robson – the Real Story (2019)

Thorough research with factual evidence as a response to controversial HBO “documentary”

Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me by HBO & Channel 4 focuses on the lives and accounts of two men: Wade Robson and James Safechuck who Michael Jackson befriended at age seven and ten.

It explores the accusations made by the two alleged victims and has been branded a “horror film” after the four hour documentary debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in January. So many details of each case against Michael Jackson were the same: the targeting of boys from troubled families, the skillful grooming, the gifts, the seduction, the Jacuzzis, the way sex was performed, the fear and threats of what would befall them if they ever told anyone what Jackson had done. Their dismissals followed a similar pattern, too: as puberty approached, Robson and Safechuck say in the documentary, they were abruptly thrown to the curb and replaced with a new, younger kid.

Explosive sex claims have included French kissing, and rewarding rape with lavish gifts .

Wade Robson initially testified in the singer’s favour at his 2005 child sex abuse trial. But in 2013, he claimed Michael Jackson had sexually abused him and said his earlier denial was due to the singer’s ‘manipulation and brainwashing’.

Master of Deception: Michael Jackson and Wade Robson – the Real Story (2019) deals with factual evidence in Michael Jackson and Wade Robson relationship. 2 Failed Grand Jury hearings, 10 year FBI investigation that found NOTHING, Acquitted of 14 criminal charges, 4 dismissed posthumous hearings VS 2 admitted liars that defended MJ for 20+ years then flipped the script after he dies out of financial desperation.

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