Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta (S01E01)

This season, life in the fast lane spirals out of control when a violent night between rapper Bow Wow and his then-girlfriend Kiyomi sends Atlanta police rushing to the scene. The headlines hound Bow Wow, as his mugshot and criminal charges loom over his life-long career. Straight outta their dream wedding, hip hop icons Waka Flocka Flame (son of Debra Antney) and his firecracker wife Tammy Rivera are back in the A and starting fresh after renewing their vows in Cancun, Mexico. It’s time to put their love to the ultimate test when Waka promises to put his full-throttle rap career on hold to manage Tammy’s breakout R&B stardom. But will he be able to abandon the highs and rushes of being a rapper at the top of his game to fully support his wife? No stranger to the national spotlight, R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Kelly and her three children Buku, Kyd, and Jaah move back to Atlanta and are breaking their silence in a buzzing child support battle. As Drea tries to spread her wings and fly, the arrest of R. Kelly is yet another wound inflicted on her from her nightmare of an ex. Drea’s sweet daughter Buku takes a step out on her own, trying to establish herself as a vocal artist in her own right away from the long shadow of her criminal father. In the wake of prison and bankruptcy, rapper Da Brat tries to reform both her image and her finances. She enlists the help of her sister, LisaRaye McCoy to get her life back together. To keep her head in the game, Brat joins forces with legendary hip hop manager Debra Antney to create an Artist Boot Camp designed to help foster and develop young musical talent in Atlanta. The dynamic OG duo chooses new artists to audition, including a bright new star on the ATL rap scene, Reemarkable. But, she has a fine line to walk between honoring her father’s legacy — the legendary Eazy-E — and breaking out as an artist in her own right. Not everyone is welcome in Atlanta this season… the controversial Brandon Barnes (Debra Antney’s godson) is back and his charlatan ways are finally catching up to him in an explosive uncovering of the truth. Deb’s niece, Ayana Fite, DJ Hurricane’s daughter, is on a warpath when Brandon tries to break through the family circle in a hurricane of lies. Without Deb and Waka’s star power shielding him, will Brandon be able to extinguish this massive inferno of deceit?

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