Rad (1986): A Triumph of Testosterone, Hairspray, and Extreme BMX

Rad (1986), also known as Hell Track BMX, is an 80s action masterpiece fueled by testosterone, wild hairdos, and mind-blowing BMX stunts. The film follows Ralph (Bill Allen), a young BMX rider fighting to prove himself to his dad and conquer the national BMX championship. Along the way, he falls for the lovely Cru (Lori Loughlin) who helps him chase his dreams.

Rad (1986) wastes no time on deep character development or complex plot. Instead, it focuses on what it does best: heart-pounding biking sequences and outlandish stunts. The action is fast and furious, and the stunt work is incredible, even by today’s standards. Allen and Loughlin are charming in their leads, with the supporting cast providing some hilarious backup.

But what truly sets Rad (1986) apart are the BMX scenes. Filmed with the help of legendary riders like Bob Haro and Scott Breuer, the tricks they pull off are simply jaw-dropping. From car jumps to mid-air spins, these riders push the limits of what’s possible and will leave you breathless.

Rad (1986) is a film for anyone who loves action, speed, and bikes. It’s a nostalgic 80s ride that will make you laugh, pump your fist, and gasp in amazement. If you’re looking for a movie to get your adrenaline pumping and leave you wanting more, Rad (1986) is the perfect choice.

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