R'ha (2013)

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A member of an alien species is being interrogated and tortured by a machine. The alien comments rudely, and the machine says this response is "inappropriate". It electrocutes the alien a few times, and mentions a "rendezvous". The alien's backstory is revealed, showing that his race was at war with the machines they created. He, along with his fleet, protected his people, but he was captured. Later on, the machine explains that they wish to gain independence through the extermination of the alien's race. The alien soon breaks free, tearing the machine's head off. He took his chance, and escaped on his ship. Meanwhile, the machine turns itself back on, and starts tracking the alien back to his home world.

If you haven't seen this yet, you can expect nothing short of the most mind-blowing short film of your life. "R'ha" seems to have gained conceptual influence from the two video games series: Starcraft and Half Life 2. Therefore, expect a plot pertaining to apocalyptic sci-fi. Lot of details give credibility to 3D with great compositing! It's intense. It's thrilling. It's epic. "R'ha" has exceptional visuals and animation. The sound effects were also phenomenal -- constantly resonating heart-shaking, intense sounds which complement and supplement the film. This short CGI film resonates a truly dark atmosphere and could be classified as a horror film.

'Star Wars' Producer Rick McCallum will adapt Sci-Fi Short Film 'R'Ha' into a full feature!

Directed by Kaleb Lechowski. Starring: David Masterson


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