Jupiter II (2014)

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Jupiter II (2014) - in a distant future, a couple is exploring new planet!

Jupiter II (2014) - Beautifully shot science fiction film is set in a distant futuristic world where a young couple is exploring an infertile planet. It's an abstract piece of art so its open for an interpretation, it reminds of 2001: A Space Odyssey and music videos by Tool.

Maxim Zhestkov is a director and artist with a design, photography and fine art background mixing live action, CG, animation and storytelling. There are many reasons to have a fascination with science fiction. It helps open doors to alternate ways of viewing our reality. It introduces new concepts from the realms of science, philosophy and metaphysics. It consistently shows the triumph of the human will over mental afflictions such as greed, ignorance and anger, all the while promoting tolerance, reason and compassion.

Any composition needs to begin with one or two main elements. The smaller the elements, the greater number of them there should be. You need to start with one or two main ideas and gradually build up the smaller elements until the space becomes rich with life. Simple comments can deploy new worlds and expose things that were on the surface, but you had not noticed - Maxim Zhestkov

Written, Directed and Produced by Maxim Zhestkov


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