Stalker by Tarkovsky



(1979) PG | Science Fiction

Based on the novel "Roadside Picnic". The Zone that arose on Earth for unknown reasons attracts attention with inexplicable phenomena that occur there. A rumor has spread that in the center of the Zone there is something that gives a person everything he wants. But staying in the Zone is deadly, and therefore it is strictly guarded. There, each for their own reasons, the Writer and the Professor go, the Stalker leads them to the mysterious center, feeling and understanding the Zone...

Year of production: 1979

Directed by: Andrey Tarkovsky
Writted by: Strugatsky Boris, Strugatsky Arkady
Music: Artemyev Eduard
Operator: Knyazhinsky Alexander
Production Designer: Andrey Tarkovsky

“The aim of art is to make man capable of being good.” (Tarkovsky)


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