Blade Runner’s Younger Brother – “Slice of Life” (2019)

Amazing homage to the 80s Science Fiction Films!

Story about a low-life drug dealer who tries to turn his life around, but finds himself at the mercy of fate when he encounters a cop with an agenda of his own.

Such a cool SF short! It’s an homage to the science fiction movies of the 80’s, so if you’re a fan, this will be a dream come true, and if you don’t care for the genre, you’ll be astonished by the sheer brilliance of the filmmaking in this movie.

Ridley Scott have created many fans and cyberpunk nerds but not many made amazing films

The esthetic is amazing, all done with practical effects and miniatures… storytelling is Hitchcockian – show, don’t tell. It hits all the right notes for suspense and puts you in the middle of dystopian vortex of despair. This movie left me wanting more, sure hope I get it

Directors: Dino Julius, Luka Hrgović
Music composed by: Tim Žibrat
Cast: Luka Hrgović, Anton Svetić, Emilija Habulin, Ivica Pustički

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