Multiplayer Game Fanfilm – “Among Us” (2020)

Amazing short film based on the online multiplayer game Among Us!

Production is great, visual effects look stunning for a short film, and it does a decent job of recreating the video game while doing a little bit of twist and turns around it.
Imagine making a game so good that people start making hollywood quality short films out of it, unofficially.

This one of the best short films i’ve ever seen. Not only does it tie into the whole idea of the game and twist it into a more serious turn but there’s actual genuine surprise and dramatic elements to it! With a high production value to back it up, why are so many people hating on this? This is so fun to watch, highly recommend.

You will love it when you play among but if not you’re still gonna be catched from the tension of the mystery.

Directed and Edited by Marcel Becker Neu