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SCP: Overlord (2020)

Secret NGO investigates the home of an esoteric cult on suspicion that they are more than meets the eye.

35min | Short, Thriller | 14 November 2020 (USA)
Quite the idea, actually getting the audience to see what the MTF (A subset in the SCP foundation, a fictional organization) deal with on a daily basis and the master minds behind this really deliver. You’ll love the authenticity to militaristic procedures and want to see more. Watching it all unfold is an intense adventure!

A great example of tactical horror!

>I watched this movie in the comfort of my own home, and I have to say I have never felt more excited to see where a film goes. The story was well-rounded, and it felt more military-ish than many movies with triple its budget. It keeps you on your toes, and the twists were unexpected; which just made me fall in love with this movie even more. I hope to see bigger, longer and more action-packed films from the creators in the inevitable future.

Directed by Stephen Hancock (instagram)
Written by Evan Muir
Stars: Jacob Boldry, Noah Bryan, Andrew Carriker

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