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Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)


Bruce Lee in New Guinea follows international film star and kung fu hero Bruce Lee (Bruce Li) who is also a part-time anthropologist. Bet you never knew that, huh? He and his buddy Chang Sing (uh, Chan Sing) head for Snake Worship Island where Bruce plans to research the evil Devil Sect, who practice “snake venom kung fu”. Their trek through the jungle is hindered by two, dopey, comedy relief guides and a sneaky treasure hunter (Larry Lee) out to steal the natives’ sacred, magic pearl. His efforts are thwarted by skull-masked tyrant, Great Wizard, whose poison ring leaves Bruce mortally wounded.

Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978) review:

A good mixture of traditional old skool kung fu films and a more up to date Bruce Lee style of fighting. Ho Chung Tao shows an impressive array of kicks and strikes and unlike most kung fu films even his friend who travels with him is a very skilled fighter. Opposed to having just one talented actor in the film taking out armies of the dodgiest bad guys ever. There are loads of laugh out loud moments including dialogue and plot but they just add to the film and make the time between fights go easier unlike sitting through a Jackie Chan film which will have half an hour of fantastic stunts and and an hour and a half of awful humour and dodgy plots about being sailors trying to catch pirates (project A). At least this doesn’t intend to be funny but ends up being hilarious in all of its low budget glory.

Following Bruce Lee’s death in 1973, a host of imitators sprang into action as producers tried to convince international audiences the late star made more than just five movies. There was Bruce Le, Bruce Leung, Bruce Liang, and the most popular, Bruce Li.

Directors: C.Y. Yang, Joseph Velasco
Stars: Bruce Li, Dana, Sing Chen

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