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Batman: Dead End (2003)

Batman: Dead End (2003) – Batman vs Joker vs Aliens vs Predator!

The Joker has escaped the Arkham Asylum and Gotham’s hero Batman will try to bring him in – once and for all. As it turns out, Joker is not the only evil enemy Batman has to conquer. Bruce Wayne puts on his Batman suit, mask, and cape, and goes in pursuit. He’s soon found the Joker and begins a fight to subdue the red-eyed, sneering villain. Then, suddenly, things take a surprising turn: the Joker becomes the least of Batman’s worries. New enemies appear: it’s as if he’s found himself in another set of comic books. Can he hold his own?

Batman Dead End has not only set fandom ablaze with it’s ultra stylistic, noirish, accurate depiction of the Dark Knight, it has set a new standard for genre filmmaking and set the bar sky high for all the Hollywood, big budget, superhero and sci-fi films to follow. – torontogosh

Director: Sandy Collora
Starring: Clark Bartram, Andrew Koenig, Kurt Carley

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