Wavelength (1983)


Wavelength follows two young lovers who learn that a small group of child-like space aliens are marooned on Earth and are being held prisoner at a top secret military facility. The couple then decide to liberate the extraterrestrial castaways and help them make a rendezvous with a rescue ship sent from the alien home planet.

Wavelength (1983) Review:

Project Camelot whistleblower ‘Henry Deacon’ (pseudonym) has stated on record that a considerable portion of the film’s storyline was based on actual events that he had personally witnessed or knew about. When Project Camelot co-founder Kerry Cassidy phoned director and scriptwriter Mike Gray to ask him about this, Gray replied that he every now and then he had received phone calls from people asking him “how come he knew all this had happened”. Mike Gray told Kerry Cassidy that he had come up with the storyline when driving one day down the Pacific Coast Highway, on his own, with no influence or suggestion from anyone else.

This little sci fi movie that could, captivates with its Tangerine Dream, electronic, new age soundtrack and envelopes and captivates in its fusion of mood and pacing with the movie’s other elements. This low-budget presentation is actually part of its charm as the lower quality picture and sound actually enhance the richness, the authenticity and ambiance of the movie, especially the military action.