Brilliant short film – “Uncario” (2021)

A colony on Moon is upended by a mysterious signal from a long-abandoned Earth!

21 min | Short, Sci-Fi | 2021 (USA)
In a future where the last humans have taken refuge in a cold, sterile Moon colony, A-153 is being driven mad by vivid dreams of a beautiful green world. While planning his escape, he picks up a distress signal from Earth. Hellbent on making contact, soon he will discover the horrifying truth about his fantasy world and the person who called for help.

In a dusty future where Earth has been abandoned for centuries, the last humans have taken refuge in a colony on the Moon. This film looks and sounds amazing. Great job. Love the production design in the pictures. Love the idea.

Amazing movie! Story, Visuals, Sound, The Whole Package!

Director: Didier Konings