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Thousandth Street Under The Sky (2013)

Thousandth Street Under The Sky (2016) – Short Cyberpunk Sci-fi film

Excellent Short Sci-Fi Movie. Basically, it is a cyberpunk dystopian vision of a cop’s duties in a near future highly influenced by a Blade Runner. A close up of the spent cartridge case shows it to be a Smith and Wesson .38 special +p made by Speer. Now this shows a scenario in the “future’ there have been very few automatic hand guns made in that type of caliber up to this date. It was abandoned decades ago as not suitable for Autos. A fire arm that does not use a cartridge case at all is the most probable type of fire arm within the next 20 years. The films based on Judge Dredd use this idea.

Directed by: Alexis Amant, Jeremy Nguyen, Ghalli Nuazani and Maxime Servoise.

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