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The Flying Man (2013)

Eye For An Eye in a superhero world!

A super powered vigilante defies the law using extreme violence to fight crime. A new flying superhero has arrived in town however this one appears to be targeting specific people to kill them – dropping them from the sky or in front of trains etc. It soon becomes apparent that his targets are criminals which, while not morally right, makes the criminal community nervous – not least of which is Mike, a former cop driving to a gun deal.

For every 1000 pop culture theorists who can deconstruct the superhero genre at the drop of a hat, there may only be one who can write a scenario and screenplay that teases something truly exciting and accessible therefrom. This definitely has the potential of being a brilliant full length feature. As long as the corporates don’t kill the whole thing in their effort to make money. The Flying Man is a VFX-driven short film envisioned, financed, produced, directed, edited and co-written by DIY filmmaker Marcus Alqueres.

Directed by: Marcus Alqueres. Starring: Nick Smyth, Rick Cordeiro, Justin T. Lee

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