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The Developer (2013)

Corporate Dictatorship in Near Future

A city where nobody wants to live. An assignment that should never be accepted.

The scene is an alternative Budapest, with a special kind of dictatorship controlled by a company group called GOLDEN DIMENSION. The marvelous Hungarian capital the way we never wanted to see. Lens is dark, cynical character of this world. With his special ability of unknown origin, under the influence of a drug, he can burn the pictures of the past and the future into photosensitive paper. Lens hates the present because he understands the past and sees the future. He sells his ability as an outlaw private detective. One day the position of the oppressing power seems to get unstable as some strictly confidential documents are stolen from the home of the president of the Golden Dimension. Ironically, it is the specially skilled Lens who gets the task to find the person who could ruin the oppressing system by using the stolen incriminating evidence. When he gets to the robbery scene it’s all set up for the experiment. He administers his drug, sticks the photosensitive paper on his nape…

Director: Robert Odegnal
Stars: Tamás Mohai, Iván Kamarás, Timea Saghy

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