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Lunatique (2016)

Amazing sci-fi film about survival in a post apocalyptic world.

In a post-apocalyptic world that is scorched from end to end, a solitary woman is honing her surviving skills, hoping to have a fighting chance in this endless purgatory. There is not a soul in sight apart from her silent pet companion–any attempts to communicate with the outside world are simply in vain; however, she must venture into this dangerous place sometime. Armed with a lethal semi-automatic sniper carbine, the resilient survivor walks in peril, knowing that this may be her last day on this earth. Is she the hunter or the quarry?

Fascinating story line, visuals, costuming and acting!

A lonely young woman. her pet. her refuge. and the war on the streets of a destroyed city. minimalism. and gray nuances. a confrontation. and a ferret looking for escape from its cage. in essence – a story of viewer. hypothesis and the precise cinematography. an inspired end. and the bitter sadness as a sort of frame. enough for a good Sci-Fi

Written and Directed by: Gabriel Kalim Mucci
Stars: Lila Guimarães, Paulo Geraissate, Rony Koren

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