Gammera the Invicible (1966)


Gammera the Invicible deals with an atomic explosion awakens Gammera – a giant, fire-breathing turtle monster – from his millions of years of hibernation. Enraged at being roused from such a sound sleep, he takes it out on Tokyo.

Gammera the Invicible (1966) Review:

The original 1965 Japanese film “Gamera” was essentially an updating of the darker, less kid-oriented Gojira (Godzilla) for 1960s sensibilities. Gamera, of course, is a giant, flying, flame-throwing turtle who literally consumes energy – not quite as big as some versions of Godzilla, but generally similar in most ways. This version of the original film was edited and recut by the notorious Sandy Frank. And just like the Americanized version of Godzilla (“Godzilla King of the Monsters”), “Gammera the Invincible” gets more than just the spelling wrong. The American scenes are not nearly as ludicrous and annoying as those added to the great Gojira, but don’t really add much to the story either because there is little follow up on them. – mstomaso

Cast and Crew:

Directed by Sandy Howard and Noriaki Yuasa
Starring Albert Dekker, Brian Donlevy, Diane Findlay

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