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Firebase (2017)

American soldiers versus Invisible warrior in deep forest of Vietnam

While the senseless war rages on in the lush and pathless rainforests of Vietnam, the frail bounds between reality and pure fiction warp, as a battle-scarred platoon of American G.I.s find themselves up against an invisible and well-prepared adversary. Witnesses claim that the lethal foe is lurking in the gloomy woods, taking down the men one by one. What horror have the soldiers encountered?

As a fan of short films, and someone who wishes that more people would realize that Vimeo, YouTube, and sites like Short of the Week, all combine to provide lots of entertaining and creative things to watch, it was good to see Neill Blomkamp’s new endeavor striking out into this media. Also to see them trying something new by making the film’s assets available to those that buy the films. With this being the goal, it is essentially a form of proof-of-concept, which means that (like many of these) the films are not fully-contained pieces that deliver everything you may want.

Written and directed by: Neill Blomkamp
Stars: Steve Boyle, Nic Rhind, Robert Hobbs

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